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Regulation on the Administration of Sanitation in Public Places (2019 Amendment)


  • Regulation on the Administration of Sanitation in Public Places

  • 公共场所卫生管理条例

  • (Issued by the State Council on April 1, 1987; revised for the first time in accordance with the Decision of the State Council to Amend Certain Administrative Regulations on February 6, 2016, and revised for the second time in accordance with the Decision of the State Council to Amend Some Administrative Regulations on April 23, 2019)
  • (1987年4月1日国务院发布 根据2016年2月6日《国务院关于修改部分行政法规的决定》第一次修订 根据2019年4月23日《国务院关于修改部分行政法规的决定》第二次修订)

  • Chapter I General Provisions
  • 第一章 总  则

  • Article 1 This Regulation is developed for the purpose of creating good sanitary conditions for public places, preventing diseases, and protecting the health of the public.
  •   第一条 为创造良好的公共场所卫生条件,预防疾病,保障人体健康,制定本条例。
  • Article 2 This Regulation shall apply to the following public places:
  •   第二条 本条例适用于下列公共场所:
  • (1) Hotels, restaurants, inns, rest houses, coffee bars, pubs, and tea houses.
  • (一)宾馆、饭馆、旅店、招待所、车马店、咖啡馆、酒吧、茶座;
  • (2) Public bath rooms, barbershops, and beauty salons.
  • (二)公共浴室、理发店、美容店;
  • (3) Theaters, video rooms, entertainment halls, ballrooms, and music halls.
  • (三)影剧院、录像厅(室)、游艺厅(室)、舞厅、音乐厅;
  • (4) Stadiums, swimming pools, and parks.
  • (四)体育场(馆)、游泳场(馆)、公园;
  • (5) Exhibition halls, museums, galleries, and libraries.
  • (五)展览馆、博物馆、美术馆、图书馆;
  • (6) Shopping malls (stores) and book stores.
  • (六)商场(店)、书店;
  • (7) Waiting rooms (at hospitals, bus stations or ports), and public means of transport.
  • (七)候诊室、候车(机、船)室、公共交通工具。
  • Article 3 The following items of public places shall satisfy relevant national health standards and requirements:
  •   第三条 公共场所的下列项目应符合国家卫生标准和要求:
  • (1) Air and microclimate (humidity, temperature, and wind speed).
  • (一)空气、微小气候(湿度、温度、风速);
  • (2) Water quality.
  • (二)水质;
  • (3) Natural light and illumination.北京大学互联网法律中心
  • (三)采光、照明;北京大学互联网法律中心
  • (4) Noise level.
  • (四)噪音;
  • (5) Utensils and sanitary fixture.
  • (五)顾客用具和卫生设施。
  • The health administrative department of the State Council shall be responsible for the development of sanitary standards and requirements for public places.
  • 公共场所的卫生标准和要求,由国务院卫生行政部门负责制定。
  • Article 4 The state shall apply ‘hygiene permit' system to public places.
  •   第四条 国家对公共场所实行“卫生许可证”制度。
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