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Announcement No. 114 [2022] of the General Administration of Customs—Announcement on Issuing the Standards for Determining the Standardized Declaration of Tax-related Elements in the Standards for Advanced Certified Enterprises Authorized by the Customs


  • Announcement of the General Administration of Customs
  • 海关总署公告

  • (No. 114 [2022])
  • (2022年第114号)

  • The standards for determining the standardized declaration indicators of tax-related elements in the Standards for Advanced Certified Enterprises Authorized by the Customs (issued by Announcement No. 106 [2022], GACC) are hereby announced as follows:
  • 现将《海关高级认证企业标准》(海关总署公告2022年第106号公布)中涉税要素申报规范指标的认定标准公告如下:
  • I. “Standardized declaration of tax-related elements” means the fulfillment of the primary responsibility of the consignees or consignors of imported or exported goods as taxpayers for compliantly and independently making declarations and paying their own taxes to declare the names, specifications, tariff lines, prices, countries of origin and other tax-related elements of commodities in a truthful, accurate, complete, and standard manner according to the applicable provisions of the Customs in an effort to ensure that all taxes payable are paid.
  •   一、涉税要素申报规范,是指进出口货物收发货人履行合规自主申报、自行缴税主体责任,按照海关相关规定,真实、准确、完整、规范申报商品名称、规格型号、税则号列、价格、原产国等涉税要素,确保税款应缴尽缴。
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